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About our Cigarette Boxes

TNH Packaging has a variety of these boxes that can be used to pack products which need extra care and attention.

Cigarette Boxes have become more than just boxes. They are the fashion statement these days. It is not the amount of nicotine that is considered. Neither the harm or any other thing is considered these days. What is thought about are the cigarette themselves and their boxes.

The boxes are printed with stuff that is both appealing to the eyes of the customers and also in a way very crucial. If you are looking for a company who can help you in making the best boxes for your cigarette then TNH Packaging is here to help you.

We have a variety that no one can deny. You can choose from these boxes and you wouldn’t be brought down by either their quality or their accentuation of your product. There is no way that our products can disappoint you.

We have a legacy left to us and thus we are profound in our own ways in making boxes which do not only secure your product but bring it out to the world in the form you want them to come.

So, have a quote now and experience the change in your marketing boost through the boxes that we provide to you.

Custom Printed Boxes

As you might know that printing any logo on the boxes is very necessary because it makes your customer be aware of your brand. When your cigarettes are kept on the shelves, it is the packaging that first notifies your customers about the product and then they go and buy it. If your product does not have a good look when it comes to packaging, then not only the new customers but also your existing customers would leave buying your product.

Thus, in order to eliminate this possibility, there is a need to hire professionals who have been working in the business for the past many years. You need to trust someone who can bring you the best product that is available in the market. That someone can undoubtedly be us – TNH Packaging.

We can print any logo on your packs and can make them look so alluring that you will be amazed by their look. Also, considering the quality of our products, there is no way that the colors would fade away or your product will look old and worn out.

It happens that sometimes some customers don’t prefer printing their packages by employing us, they prefer some other company for it. We totally understand this choice and we let our customers have this option regardless of our profits. However, what we assure them is the authenticity of our boxes. Wherever you take them and whoever gets to print them, they will always bring forth your product and wouldn’t disappoint you in any sense.

Boxes as per your product

The general conception and also the trend of the number of cigarettes in the boxes is around 10 to 20 cigarettes. However, at TNH Packaging, we do not limit ourselves to any tradition or norm. We only value what our customers tell us. No matter if you want to have 10 cigarettes or how many in the pack, we will have you backed up with your order. No matter what the size, we wouldn’t judge you and would never let others through our packaging.

Our boxes will speak louder for the authenticity of your product. Also, they will be designed such that they are completely different but never inspire any ridicule because of their sizes.

However, what we said above are general statements in order to clarify that you would be exactly provided with what you order so far.

Thus, with this dynamic approach, we welcome you to get a quote and have your products shipped to you at your doorsteps.

Government Approved Statements

It has become mandatory for the cigarette manufacturing companies to include the warning signs on their packages. The government has made it an obligation to every company who produces cigarette of any sort. Thus, if your package is lacking it, it might be disapproved by the authorities and your products then might not see the horizons of success at all.

To save you from this menace we make sure that we include the warning at all cost. Sometimes, clients even go as far as telling us to include a dedicated depression in the package for the warning so that it can become prominent and can be well read by the customers and also by the officials aside.

Besides, including the warning signs is a civic duty that we as a company know and obey. We do not want to be the ones who do not care about the well-being of their society and this is the sole reason that we include the government recommendations in it.

It has happened before that sometimes the clients forget to tell us to add the signs. In these situations, we ourselves remind them this crucial step. We are not only applauded for it but also rewarded for it.

Herbal Cigarette Boxes

Whenever we think about cigarettes, only the tobacco version comes into our mind. However, we must tell you that there are other cigarette types also. Some medicine such as herbal teas and other herbal products are sold in the form of cigarettes.

If you are a company who sells this kind of products, then you also need to pay heed to the packaging that will contain your product.

By having appropriate logo and designing, your product will look as smooth as anything and you will see its positive effects in the long run. Your customers would get to know you better and also you will be able to increase brand loyalties from the unique packaging that we will provide you.

Safe Boxes

We have heard our customers complaining about certain types of boxes reducing or changing the tastes of their cigarettes. We can assure you that our Cigarette Boxes are made with fine materials which are going to preserve the taste of your manufactured product just the way they are meant to be.


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