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Custom RETT Boxes

If you are wondering what RETT Boxes mean, then let us tell you that when we use this abbreviation we mean Roll End Tuck Top boxes.

If you are wondering what RETT Boxes mean, then let us tell you that when we use this abbreviation we mean Roll End Tuck Top boxes.

These boxes are phenomenal in their own sense. They are provided with the extra rigidity needed for packaging your product to perfection that speaks volume of the originality of the product.

When it comes to choosing the right people for the right job, TNH Packaging is here to help you in every sense.

We are the right people for the right job, and our boxes are something that adds to the persona of your product.

There is an immediate need for your product to be recognized and that is why we recommend that you place your quote now or contact us.

We can be the best pick that you have been with so far because we can satisfy your needs in a matter of time.

About our RETT Boxes

These boxes require extra care during the manufacturing process. Since they are corrugated, they require extra layers to be put and thus require special attention when it comes to manufacturing the perfect product.

There are many reasons you need to buy our boxes.

We have crafted our expertise by employing the best professionals out there to facilitate unimaginable perfection in the work.

So, without further ado, let us plunge into why you should buy our boxes.

1) They are cost effective

Since cost is the primary thing any business owner prefers, we can assure you of the lowest cost that is prevailing in the market.

Our professionalism does not mean that we literally begin fleecing everyone. That is why we have developed a kind of persona in which we employ our techniques for the betterment of the customers and only put the price tags that are well received.

These prices are kept because we don’t want our customers to suffer the same fate as they suffered previously.

We have the motto to supply products with authenticity and value. That too for the lesser price.

One of the many benefits that this has brought TNH Packaging is the brand loyalty everyone aches about so much. Brand loyalty is something we are famous for. Because we have customers that are loyal to us, that look at us for future products and that believes in our professionalism.

2) They are crafted with the best material out there

As explained above, the boxes which we are talking about requires great concentration since they are made to hold products which are heavy or require great protection.

It could be a pizza, some cosmetics, clothes or anything that can require great attention and safety from contamination.

The best thing about these boxes is that there is no way any damage is going to be received by the products.

Whether it is the SBS or any other material, we have boxes that are both reliable and durable in the long run to protect your product.

3) Because We Know the Tactics of Fluting

Fluting is necessary for making a box last longer. It is necessary for making a box tough and resilient.

Whether you are using the boxes for shipping or transferring locally, we use fluting for them that is necessary for their respective purposes.

For example, we use C flute for shipping.

We know the terminologies relating to the strength of the boxes and thus apply our knowledge in every way possible to make the boxes strong enough for uses in the present and also in the future.

Depending on your needs, we can add to the walls of the box and also to the medium so that the box can withstand great pressures and can also protect the product without any hassle.

This is why our boxes are the best and the one that needs to be bought for your products. So, without any further thinking, place a quote now.

4) We can print the box as per your liking

Printing your logo on the boxes is necessary since they represent your company and your mission.

When a customer first sees a product, he or she sees the packaging first. In this sense, TNH Packaging does every bit to make your product stand out.

Our offset printing facilities are there to print the type of logo you want to be printed on your box. Also, by using appropriate colors, we can bring colors in your logo and can make it bright and beautiful.

We have all the techniques and the instrumentation which helps us in making the best logo design possible.

5) You are the in-charge

We put our customers need in front of everything. This has not only made us prominent among the market players but has also made us equally famous among the customers. People flock daily to have our services and that’s why we are soaring high.

When it comes to boxes, from designing till the finished product, you are in-charge of everything. It is you who dictates everything to us and we work on them without saying anything else.

This approach has brought us laurels in the form of brand loyalties. We are liked by our customers because we place them in the driving seat. We do as they say.

This can happen to you too. With having revisions and also considerations if you somehow don’t like the outcome, you can have the peace of mind you deserve and so long for.

6) You are our first priority

If you think that the above reasons are not enough then let us tell you that it is you who matters the most to us. It is you that we value and have in our mind throughout the business.

We value your time and your money and this is why we never do anything that doesn’t comply with our standards and also with customer ethics that we have learned so far from our interactions with different people.

Thus, if you are in need of RETT Boxes, you need to heed to only TNH Packaging.


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