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Our Reverse Tuck Box

Have you ever wondered about the applications of the Reverse Tuck Box?

Have you ever wondered about the applications of the Reverse Tuck Box? It has many advantages over another type of boxes. We will explain them to you one by one later.

Boxing industry is thriving in every sense. There are many businesses that open daily and each of them claim to provide you the type of boxes you need. However, what makes them and us different is in practicality. We do not just claim, we provide the services that you desire to be provided.

Our customers trust us because of our expertise and our enhanced abilities in catering to the needs they put forward.

We have everything that is needed to carry out your order. From fine printing facilities to staff members that put the needs and desires of the customers before everything, we are all in all when it comes to providing not just boxes, but custom boxes that carry your signature with you wherever they go.

So, if you a fan of the box we are talking about, then read carefully because we are going to take you on a journey of knowing, and understanding this type of box, and also of telling you what is it that makes our boxes so unique from the rest of the world.

1) These boxes are cost effective

We have a line of the assembly that can create boxes for you that are cost-effective in every way. When it comes to RTB, there is no need to panic about the costs, because these boxes are very cheap.

If we compare them with the straight end boxes, these boxes win over them in the long run of monetary value. Thus, if you are running a small business and your product also suits the fragmentation of these boxes, then you need to opt for these and not any other box.

Also, when it comes to manufacturing these boxes, they can be manufactured in many numbers from a cardboard because of there sizes.  This results in reduced waste production and more box production.

So, if your product line up is a huge one, then you shouldn’t go for any other type of box because this box is going to do just the thing for you without straining your pocket.

2) They can be easily filled

As much as these boxes are easily assembled, they also facilitate easy filling whether by hand or by a computer programmed machine just like those operating on the conveyor belts.

What it gives you is the ease of mind and relaxation because you don’t have to waste much time in filling these boxes.

Even if you have any filling they can do you every bit of relaxed filling because these boxes have opened on both ends. And those openings are reversed.

The reversed openings facilitate multiple dimensional opening so that even if you have to fill it with the product you wouldn’t have to rely on one filling direction. It can be filled with the opposite directions and that too through both ends.

This reduces time in the assembly as well as gives your customer some ease in opening your product.

The boxes that we manufacture has an extra edge over the rest of the boxes manufactured by other people. This is because our boxes do not only have separate openings, these openings are protected by closure panels which can easily be closed and opened.

3) They let you store compactly

Compaction is the one thing that you would want in a box of this type.

Why do you ask?

Because you wouldn’t want your product be rolling in the box. This can be beneficial if your product is very fragile. The fragility of a product combined with the desire to keep it intact and do not let it break or lose its originality requires usage of box types that are made for these purposes.

These boxes compactly store your product from its dimensions and don’t let it roll or lose its shape.

However, certain manufacturers which produce these boxes forget the fact that they need to give some resistance to the box as well.

When it comes to our company, TNH Printing makes it specific in their mission to make boxes that are not only built for holding your product intact, but that are also there to offer some resistance to any slight external pressure.

4) Printing can be easily done on them

Made with cardboard containing Solid Bleached Sulphate or some are even made with other materials, as Peek Packaging says, these boxes can be easily printed upon without any hassle.

You wouldn’t have to worry about the placement of your logo or about any other discrepancy because these cardboards allow easy designing.

Our company ensures that not only they are designed but they are designed according to your individual wishes. We have software that can help us in the tweaking of an existing design or a design that is overhauled completely according to your likes. Not just that, new designs can also be requested and this is not a problem.

The type of box made with the type of material based solely upon your desires, we can ensure that you are provided with the best recommendation from our side which complies with your aspects of what you want.

5) These boxes work wonders for lightweight material

Lightweight materials can obviously be not loaded in large boxes. This makes it look uneasy as well as it increases the costs per packaging.

Thus, there is a better way of packaging your lightweight products and this is by using these boxes.

What contributes to its thickness as well as its weight is the material with which it is made.

However, no matter what material it is made of in the range that defines these products, those materials are always very light.

The Reverse Tuck Box that we manufacture with your designed logo complies with the norms stated above. So, what are you waiting for? Have a quote now!


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