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Custom Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve Boxes are those unique boxes that have a class of their own.

Sleeve Boxes are those unique boxes that have a class of their own. They are remarkable in a sense that these boxes are made to hold the precious products inside which inspire awe in everyone.

If you are looking for a box type that could easily keep your product without any hassle, then these boxes are for you. Sleeve boxes are made for the finesse and the touch of class that only few can possess and grant.

When it comes to choosing the right vendor for letting it craft these boxes for you, then it becomes difficult to choose among the pool of different companies which provide these boxes.

However, when you have TNH Printing at your side, you don’t have to worry at all. Our printing service is going to take you by storm for they are valuable and much appreciated by everyone who has tried us.

When it comes to hiring us, you wouldn’t have to go anywhere else for we are a pioneer. Our self-involvement in the business has led us to bring forth products that are beyond our own expectations.

So, what are you thinking about? Request a quote or contact us now. We are always waiting with open arms to receive the like of you.

Before you could do that let us tell you why should it be only us who can serve you rightly.

1) Because we have the right sleeve boxes for you

If you are tired of wandering here and there in search of a reputable organization or company which can satisfy your need of best boxes of the type we are talking about, then you need to pay heed to us.

We have the right boxes for your business. Our boxes can contain your product in the sophisticated way you have always dreamed of.

What makes us different from the rest of the companies is that we do not just say, we fulfill our claims and we very much obey them. There are no speculations, there are no iterations, just plain simple work.

Thus, no matter how many amounts you want, we have them for you.

2) Because we print your boxes

The boxes that you order are printed with your logo as you please.

Printing a box with your logo does great in making it stand out from the rest. It can make your brand one and only in the market and you wouldn’t even have to worry about its marketing.

We want to share a little secret here with you. Do you know what a customer sees first when they approach a product?

Well, you must have guessed it by now. They see the packaging. As simple as this answer can be, let us tell you that if your customers are not welcomed by good packaging, they will develop the concept of your product in a very negative way.

Thus, in order to have them attracted to your product, you need to have beautiful packaging, and when it comes to boxes, you need to have your logo on them.

Our services include beautifying your boxes with CMYK, or PMS printing that can both make your logo shine brightly on the box.

3) Because we sell quality than quantity

Quantity and quality are two terms that are often coined for the betterment of the profits of a company. However, our company does not involve only quantity, it involves quality as well.

Our quality speaks volume about professionalism. We have Kraft boxes that are eco-friendly, corrugated boxes that are just right for your business, SBS boxes and Bux Board that are brilliant for printing purposes.

As we do not compromise on quality, that is why the sleeve boxes that you will get will have the premium quality that will be aligned with your value of the money and much more.

So, entrust your value and time to us and see the miracles we produce.

4) Because our boxes are perfectly crafted

When it comes to crafting boxes, there is a lot of care needed so that the boxes not only align with the customers need but also go parallel with the norms of the industry.

We stand out from the rest because of our beautifully crafted boxes that are not even 1% out of proportions which are stated by our customers.

TNH Printing is responsible for being the foremost company which has all the things that are necessary to bring forth printed boxes which are both perfect in their design but also in their printing.

5) Because we use the best colors

Printing through various techniques requires finesse that everyone cannot come up with.

Thus, in order to meet that finesse, there is a need to work harder towards the betterment of the product that is produced. Since we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, our rank in the market has increased.

We use the best colors that are available for your branding and place your logo on the box as efficiently as possible.

The professionals which we have employed are the most revered and respected in the industry since they have been working in this industry for the past many years.

This is why we are edging far from the rest.

6) Because our sleeve boxes are multi-purpose

The sleeve boxes that we have are beyond comprehension. These boxes having printed your logo on are the most ravishing things that you can have.

All of the boxes of the type of which we are talking are made for many purposes. They protect your product from every damage and can be bought at a reasonable price.

7) Because our boxes accentuate your product

The boxes which we print are meant to make your product stand out from the rest. Our boxes are the ones that the customers are going to remember even after they use the product.

With being eco-friendly these boxes not only accentuates your product, but these Sleeve Boxes also make it easy for your customers to recognize them.


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