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Custom Straight Tuck Boxes

Straight Tuck Boxes are the right boxes if you are finding it hard to contain small products efficiently.

Straight Tuck Boxes are the right boxes if you are finding it hard to contain small products efficiently. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and are not only efficient in their job, but are also very durable.

If you are looking for a boxing facility that can provide you with you desired the product and also give you something that can be long-lasting, then TNH Printing is for you.

There are good reasons to select this type of boxes from TNH Printing because of the following reasons.

1) They are compact

When it comes to products that are small but also fragile then the manufacturer has to take some extra precaution is packaging because not only does the product need care, but also it needs something compact which can provide it this feature.

Our boxes are both compact and safe. Not just this, they are crafted to suit the dimensions of your product so that you have no problem in putting the product in.

There happens that sometimes you give orders to some boxing company and they provide you with boxes that are both elusive and very lose. Also, they don’t provide the required dimensions that were originally suggested by the customers.

However, with us, you wouldn’t see this problem because our boxes are compact in every sense.

Compaction does not mean that they wouldn’t let your product fit in. in fact, they would do it efficiently and never let your product roll in the box or move haphazardly in order for it to break.

2) They are well crafted

The boxes which we offer are well crafted so that both the upper and the lower closure panels have the ability to be closed without any problem.


With having them top notch to every dimension that they possess, the box itself becomes a whole package in every sense.

Having said that, upon perfection in the closure, the panels do not seem to lose and the panels attach to the box neatly so that the box appears to be uniform in one sense.

We have our teams employed to make sure that they do everything to craft the closures perfectly in order for them to meet the sides of the box and that too without having to seem to lose or let the product out.

What we said above can happen actually if you order a box which is crafted with carelessness. With these, then the susceptibility of losing the product because of the unwary opening of the enclosures become increased.

Thus, in order to save yourself from this menace, you need to order boxes that are accurate even to the nearest measurements of the box peripheries.

3) Our Straight Tuck Boxes can be customized

We do not only offer the boxes, but we also offer them to be customized according to your needs.

Customizing or printing your logo on the box is necessary for multiple ways.

It exposes your business to the outside world because they get to know your brand and the type of product that you have inside.

Moreover, your existing customers become aware of any changes if you make and also they find it easy to get their desired product without having to go elsewhere.

In short, there is a need to have the boxes printed according to the needs of your business.

With TNH Printing, you do not only obtain the boxes, but also the facility to have your logo printed on the most beautiful that will also take you by surprise to see how your logo is well-set up on the box.

Not just this, we also give you the ability to custom print these boxes so that there is no discrepancy left in achieving the right boxes that you want.

By communicating with our team, you can, in turn, see the job getting finished in lesser time.

4) Your product can be viewed easily

The best thing about the type of boxes that we are talking about is that they give exposure to the product through unique viewing windows.

This way not only your customer get to know what is inside, they actually get to see the shape and size of the product.

If you think your product needs to be viewed, we can even add those windows to the boxes without compromising the quality, dimensions as well as the placement of the logo.

Your product can get ample appreciation when you give your customers a view of your product. Not just this, there are many other reasons to do it.

By installing the windows we can ensure that your product does not only get viewed, it also looks stylish enough to inspire awes.

You must have noticed that sometimes other printing companies have your box prepared to your desires, but they do it by compromising on the logo placement. What happens is that either your logo appears quite small or it appears to be chopped off from numerous areas.

Thus, your money and time both are wasted.

With us, you wouldn’t experience this problem. We have a team of ultimate professionals who can carry out this task without any problem and have your logo, your windows, and also the boxes closure panels all set up in the right place so that there is no compromise in quality, in exposure and in your satisfaction.

5) They are available in your desired sizes

Whether your product is a tiny one or a large one, these boxes are available in numerous size ranges which can assist you in packaging your product perfectly.

The sizes which you choose depends upon your desires and the dimensions of your product. Thus, with us, you don’t need to worry about any size that you order. We will make the type of boxes for you and also make them according to the size that you have provided.

As we said before, our Straight Tuck Boxes are the best, and we mean it because we give you what your heart desires.


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